Wednesday, January 09, 2019
By Dallas String Quartet
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OK, that may be hyperbole, but hear us out.  Have you ever considered whether the type of music you listen to improves or diminishes your productivity?  Or have you ever noticed a difference in your focus based on the music you choose?  Perhaps more so when you study?  Well, you’re not alone!  Studies have shown that small changes in your environment - such as the type of music you listen to - can greatly improve your work.  
We all listen to music.  It’s like your keys or wallet— always close by, always with you.  But how does the music we listen to affect our ability to function well?  Specifically the difference in efficiency and information retention between listening to acoustic music versus vocal music.
We get many messages from students of all ages that they listen to DSQ particularly when they need to study.  Does the fact that our music has no lyrics aid to better their studying?  Clifford Nass, a professor at Stanford University mentions that “[music] with lyrics is very likely to have a problematic effect when you’re writing or reading … if you’re not using the language parts of your brain.” [1]  While listening to vocal music may be fine while studying math, for instance, something completely numbers oriented, it may not be helpful in other activities like reading or writing, and even potentially a deterrent.  A study by the University of Phoenix discovered that listening to vocal music while doing school work can decrease your IQ by ten points! [2]  It forces your brain to multitask and try to pay attention to two sources of information —the lyrics in the song and whatever you are working on— at the same time. That means extra time on your school work… no one wants that!   
In a different experiment conducted by Professor William Forde Thompson at Macquarie University, he had a group of students listen to some Mozart that boosted the students’ comprehension skills.  He noted that the “…music has the ability to put us in a better mood, which therefore increases our IQ.”  [2]. It seems that there are many opinions on the matter of music choice when doing other tasks.  This is not to say that you must listen to one and only one type of music — the choice is all yours.  But who wouldn’t want to be more efficient in their everyday life?
That being said, we hope that our music can be used as a productivity aid.  All of our tracks are acoustic, so you’ll have no issues trying to concentrate on whatever you are up to.  Enjoy this track as you cross out your to-do list, efficiently!
Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla
On our current playlist: Métropole by Anomalie
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
By Dallas String Quartet
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Hey everyone!  We’re excited to start a new project here to create somewhat of a musicians’ hub.  Starting today, we want to highlight specific artists or groups that you may have not heard of, and dissect and analyze different aspects of it.  The goal of this is to create an open discussion and a medium in which musicians to share and grow together.  We want to make a collaborative space online where we can experiment and delve into new areas of music.  This blog won’t be limited to this, we are excited to simply begin a project to foster collaboration and experimentation.  
Today’s spotlight is MuteMath, an alternative rock group that originated in New Orleans in 2002.  Currently, the group consists of Paul Meany who is the vocalist and keys player.  Here is a video that we discovered recently called ‘Everything’s New’. 
Check out that lick at 1:25.  In this video, we see Meany singing and playing the keys, drums, and bass.  
Let us know what you guys think.  We’d love to hear back from you.


Friday, December 07, 2018
By Dallas String Quartet
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Our newest video release: 'Drops of Jewels' is available on YouTube!  


Getting to see this song grow and transform into this incredible arrangement with orchestra has been such a blessing.  Written for Ion's son, Julian, it has a very special place in everyone's heart, and beyond that, seeing the parallel between the growth of the song and Julian has been so fulfilling.  This was the first time Julian got to listen to his song live, and he even makes a special appearance at the end of the video!


Check it out HERE!



Wednesday, November 28, 2018
By Dallas String Quartet
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Our much-anticipated album is finally available!  'DSQ Live in Concert' is such a special album for us as it is not only our first ever live album but also our first album with a full symphony.  We're so excited to finally share this with everyone.  This has been such an exciting process and we are thrilled that it is finally available!


Check out these links for information!

Apple Music



Wednesday, November 14, 2018
By Dallas String Quartet
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DSQ has just finished our first ever Midwest Tour with Allied Concert Services!  Following 13 concerts, several masterclasses and TV appearances, we are back in Dallas after an exhilarating and rewarding three weeks.  Traveling through Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and more, we got to meet so many interesting people and see so much of this beautiful country!  Thank you so much to Allied Concert Services for making this possible and for the incredible memories!

Working with students ranging from elementary to high school was such an enriching experience.  Getting to share our love for music with young prospective musicians was such a special experience.  We even had several brave students who agreed to come on stage with us and dance, sing, or try or electric instruments!

In Kearney, Nebraska, we were so excited to find out that we were featured in the local newspaper!  We also had a great time on Nebraska TV!