Thursday, March 01, 2018
By Dallas String Quartet
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Well on February 21st, we jumped on a plane at DFW Airport and headed to Fort Lauderdale where we started our 9 day tour up the coast of Florida! Starting our first show in Stuart, FL at the Lyric Theatre, and ending at the Pembroke Pines Theatre we had such an awesome time. This was our first time performing and traveling as a group to Florida so we were eager for the new experience. Florida you did not disappoint! Aside from your goregous beaches, the people in each city we traveled to were so lovely. We have read each of your emails, facebook comments, and direct messages and can not thank you enough to each and everyone of you for your encouraging words. We are so blessed to have such amazing fans. The best part about touring is getting to meet you guys face to face on a more personal level! 

Here are some behind the scenes pictures we snapped over the last few days!

Thank you Stuart, West Palm Beach, Pembroke Pines, and Boca Raton, Florida for having us and here's to many more concerts coming up in the US!  

Our time in between rehearsals and shows we had to take some time to go to the beach in Fort Lauderdale, of course!

Here are a few snaps of Efren, Young, and Ellie making a giant sand castle which turned into a two hour project!!

This was such a great time for us all to read and relax, play Frisbee, swim in the ocean and brush up on our soccer skills.  

Here is a little behind the scenes shot of our sound check/rehearsal in West Palm Beach. This was a gorgeous theatre and the crowd was amazing that night! 

This was a fabulous night to end our time in Florida. Was so fun getting to meet sweet fans who came to the show! 

Here are some pictures that they actually Facebook messaged to us :)

Monday, November 06, 2017
By Dallas String Quartet
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Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy/James Bond

Check out our first Christmas Single!!! Story: We have been pondering releasing a Christmas song for the last few years.We could never agree on a song because we felt a lot of the Christmas music was overdone. This year after playing a concert with a middle eastern artist we had the idea of rewriting the famous Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy in an uneven rhythm of 11/8 and 7/8. We also felt the James Bond theme would work great with Tchaikovsky. So thats how this song was born. Living in Texas is hard to shoot a music video portraying winter. So in order to create that winter wonderland feeling we created everything in the studio. Fake snow machines, fog machines, 8 Christmas trees, two six foot tall Nutcrackers and many other extras and we had our set. White instruments was another must have as well as really cool makeup. We hope you guys enjoy it.

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